About Yoeri

Yoeri is a driven, inspired filmmaker who captures the Spirit of Aliveness. His mesmerizing work brings you back to the magical reality and Yoeri strives to deliver powerful messages that are in harmony with nature. Yoeri has recently delivered a new breakthrough in film genres with the 1111 ICELAND portal and launched several new film projects with the creators of Planet Earth and Deep Blue. Yoeri's latest productions have been recorded in Kauai, The big Island (Hawaii), Athens, Delphi, Mount Olympus (Greece), Berlin (Germany), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Algarve, Alenteju (Portugal), Miami (Florida), Los Angeles (California), Houston (Texas), Denver (Colorado), New York (NEW YORK), Bali (Indonesia), British Colombia, Ontario (Canada), Sao Vicente, Santo Antao (Cape Verde), Grimsey Island and Iceland.

Throughout the past years I have worked several times with Yoeri for professional photo and video productions. He has the unique gift to capture the essence of someone’s inner voice, through image. Yoeri's work shows his detailed eye and sensitivity for color, texture, sound, and as well his deep felt understanding of seeing what atmosphere brings out the spoken and unspoken message you want to transport through image and video. 

- Loes Fokker | Legacy Mentors

Creating together with Yoeri on the brand movie for our New Platonic Academy was a most inspiring, co-creative experience. Yoeri intuitively grasped the genuine Spirit of our project and ingeniously visualized it. In my understanding that’s the very mastery of filmmaking!

- Christoph Quarch | Third Platonic Academy | Author 50+ books

1111 Iceland is a breakthrough in film genres. It is unlike any genre of film you have seen before! I love how this came out (magical and synchronistic) based on Yoeri Stor’s direction and creative editing.

- David Wolfe | Starring 1111 Iceland | American Author | Raw food specialist

1111 Iceland

1111 Iceland includes the first major film appearance of Iceland’s northernmost island: the highly-prized Grimsey Island, part of the North Atlantic ridge. Numerous researchers all over the world have been investigating new understandings of our geology, technology and cosmology and have been sharing their discoveries and research online. 1111 Iceland represents a new genre of film that continues this exploration of a new geology, technology and cosmology bringing forth inspiration and the much-anticipated renewal of humanity’s imagination of itself.


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